A few round of play every day should be on us, don’t you think so? Here at GameTwist, we’re of exactly the same opinion, which is why we reward many of your activities with bonus Twists that you can use in any slot you wish and however you want.

There’s generally no difference between bonus Twists and Twist packs (see “How can I buy Twists?”) bought by you, except for the following: Bonus Twists are free!

You receive bonus Twists:

  • For the registration and subsequent validation of your email address: So that you can hit the ground running right after creating your account, we’re supplying you with a hefty amount of bonus Twists. As soon as you’ve completed your registration, simply click on the email validation link inside your welcome message and the bonus will be credited to your player account automatically.
  • For being an active player: It should of course be possible for you to keep playing on GameTwist free of charge. This is why you’ll receive some bonus Twists for every day on which you’ve played and completed at least one game.
  • For reaching the next level: We’ll reward your level up with bonus Twists! You’ll find more information at “What XP are good for”.
  • Via bonus promotions: Subscribers to our newsletter do not only frequently receive news about the latest game launches, they also receive personal bonus promotions. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the newsletter right away!