Twists are the virtual currency that are used for betting of GameTwist . You can use Twists in all games on GameTwist in which you can place a bet – exceptions to this rule, like games offered by partner companies which come equipped with a different play money-system, simply and automatically transform your Twists into the currency required for the game.

You usually bet a set amount of Twists per game round and – if you win – receive your win amount in Twists as well.

Please note: You can ONLY play for play money on GameTwist and not for real money.  Please understand that Twists which are located on your player account can’t be traded in for real money or reimbursed. Likewise, winnings which you’ve achieved with play money can’t be paid out.

Here at GameTwist, we’re all about providing you with as much gaming fun as possible for the lowest possible expenses on your end. This is why you’ll receive free Twists on various occasions (e.g. for your registration, your first login of the day or other activities on the platform) free Twists, which you can use in all of your favourite games.

It’s of course also possible to buy Twist packs of various sizes for low prizes.